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Condominium Renovations

A Surprising Kitchen Expansion

Dissatisfied with the limited size and utility of the kitchen within their two bedroom condo, this homeowner desired an expanded kitchen area and more privately located bath. L+K coordinated with the condominium board and gained approval for the modernization enhancements, constructing a new private bath adjacent to an inefficient utilized hall space, and expanding the kitchen to create a central hub for the unit. L+K managed the challenges of required pipe re-routings through adjacent units to the complete satisfaction of all involved.             ​

A Remodel of Distinction

Seeking to significantly enhance the visual appearance and technical sophistication of this otherwise high-quality unit, this homeowner was looking to create a more unique living environment. Kitchen countertops and cabinetry were reconfigured and refinished to incorporate new elegant tones and finishes. Added detailing including custom-made cabinetry, wall and ceiling moldings and distinctive fabrics and finishes created an truly opulent space. Architectural style switches, plates and controls, and smart technology including security, programmable hue lighting, audio, visual and networked HVAC and fan systems were incorporated. 

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